EG Treebags

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Tree bag on Orchard
Four sizes of Treebags
Guide to bag sizing

Made and developed in New Zealand

We have planted a whole new orchard in bags, including apples, pears, peaches, figs, persimmon and many more....

Its a bit of an experiment, but so far so good! Keeping the wild life out is important (Like possums, rabbits, Kereru etc)

For easy care trees and MAXIMUM fruit!

  • NO rootbinding - NO repotting
  • Create compact trees that fruit heavily
  • Use ABOVE or BELOW ground - Won’t Rot
  • Movable orchard solution! Great for renters.
  • Suitable for fruit trees, ornamentals, conifers & vegetables
  • Materials and design tested over 30 years
  • Non-toxic ,100% recyclable,  UV stable
  • Less pruning, no ladders
  • Easy to birdnet and harvest
  • Designed developed and made in New Zealand
  • Four sizes available:,10L 20L,  30L & 40L

Other advantages

  • Use above ground or bury in the soil 
  •  The tree's energy is used to feed fruit, not wood & leaves, so increases the fruitfulness of plants.
  • Trees begin fruiting at a younger age
  • Reduce watering - restricted root systems are more efficient in their water use
  • Vigorous plants dont out-grow their location
  • Reduce pruning. Create compact growing plants
  • Roots cannot disrupt underground cabling, pipes and foundations
  • Enable creative and versatile landscape design by swapping and combining plants over the seasons
  • Space plants closely - roots stay separated
  • Control plant growth rate proportionally to the volume of the bag. A 20 litre bag will produce a canopy up to 10 times greater. ie 200 litres (in conjunction with pruning)
  • Size guide and instructions included on the packaging.


Bag Dimensions : Please ask about shipping costs if you order more than 1 bag.

10 Litre EverGrow Bag Height =239mm, diameter = 240mm,  volume = 10 litres, weight =83gm

20 Litre EverGrow Bag Height =330m, diameter = 360mm, volume = 20 litres, weight =160gm

30 Litre EverGrow Bag, Height =330mm, diameter = 400mm, volume = 30 litres, weight = 205gm

40 Litre EverGrow Bag, Height =430mm,  diameter = 400mm, volume = 40 litres, weight = 265gm

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