Saboten Lopping secateurs

Lopping Shears
Lopping Shears

Heavy duty professional soft grip fruit trees bypass type lopping secateurs.

Saboten loppers made of top grade high carbon steel with soft grip handle.

• Extra Heavy Gauge Blades are perfectly heated for an optimum sharpness and durability
• Blades are from heavy gauge top grade high carbon steel, custom made to the high Saboten standard
• Non-stick and Fluorine coated makes blade resistant to sap and tar.
• Smooth cut even for thick branches
• Soft grip material: Easy grip and prevent slippage
• Suitable for horticulture, general flower and fruit trees etc.

  • Nice and light

Overall length: 430mm

Blade length: 75mm

Weight: 500gms

Cutting capacity: up to 30mm

Made in Japan.

I just tried them out in my garden. They are fabulous! I could dead head flowers, trim the lavender and prune the feijoa tree, all with ease. They will become favourites for sure!