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This is a major ongoing project for Living Economies and is our primary source of funding for the activities and projects the Trust runs.  We are constantly sourcing new titles as we work to:-  

  • build understanding of our current monetary and economic systems and present a range of alternatives that better serve the needs of people and the Living Earth

  • develop the vision of the sort of society that we need to build to survive the challenges we face 

  • provide a range of practical guides on how to shape individual lifestyles and build strong communities capable of flourishing in the face of these challenges 

  • showcase the many inspiring initiatives both in Aotearoa/New Zealand and around the world that are leading the way to building such a society 

By supporting our shop through your purchases, you are an important contributor to the work we do.

Thank you  

P.S.  If there is something you think we should stock in our shop, please contact us.


Visit Living Economies website for information on our organisation and the people involved, as well as some of the most important community based programmes we support: Savings Pools enabling people to gain access to interest-free money, Local Currencies, Time Banking and more... plus background on our money system, debt, the role of banks ~ and how we might change the current system for one which is supportive of both people and our Living Earth.

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