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Pricing of Bronze Tools

The cost of Copper has increased a lot.

The cost of freight has also.

Unfortunately our prices have to reflect these rises.

Nov 25-Nov 30 We are away (sorry)

We are at a scything workshop in Wairarapa.

No orders can be sent out during these dates!

We have a big range of titles! Books, Magazines and DVD's

  • How our money system works
  • Complementary currency systems
  • The global financial ponzi scheme
  • What we can expect in the near future
  • How to cope with the big changes that are ahead of us all,
  • Grassroots initiatives from around the world
  • Building a more just and equitable society that respects our planet and all who inhabit it
  • Energy.....Climate issues.....Systems change.....Permaculture....Organic gardening ... and more! 

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