Our latest shipment of scythes and scythe equipment have finally arrived, but we now have Covid, so our arrival home will be delayed.  You can order as usual but we cannot send out before we get home. We have been going down one after another, so I (Jo) am definitely on the mend but Bryan has only just taken to his bed!

We will do our best to keep you updated.

We are now booked to arrive home Sunday 24th July. By Monday 25th, we should be packing!

Very sorry about the delays, hope they are now over!



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  • How our money system works
  • Complementary currency systems
  • The global financial ponzi scheme
  • What we can expect in the near future
  • How to cope with the big changes that are ahead of us all,
  • Grassroots initiatives from around the world
  • Building a more just and equitable society that respects our planet and all who inhabit it
  • Energy.....Climate issues.....Systems change.....Permaculture....Organic gardening ... and more! 

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