How to choose your scythe


How to choose the size of the snath:

Measure the distance between the ground and the knob on your wrist, when you are standing upright in a relaxed position.facing straight ahead.  Good to get help with this to get an accurate result.

Short: 150 cms    - suitable for those with ground to wrist measurement 690-850 cms
Medium: 160 cms - suitable for those with the ground to wrist measurement 800-930mm

Long: 170 cms - suitable for those who have the ground to wrist measurement 880-1040mm (+$40)

Very short: 130 cm - for those smaller than the 150 snath. (+$40)

Choosing the blade:

Which blade you need, depends on what you want to cut (mow).

The grass blades will easily cut anything under 12 months of growing. Long grass, short grass, wheat, rye etc.

We carry these blades in two lengths 65cm and 75 cm (we have a few at 85). If you are going to do large areas, if you are very tall with long arms, or you are experienced then you can easily use a longer blade.

Beginners are advised to start with a 65 blade. It is easier to control.

If you have a lot of more stalky vegetation (like blackberries for example) then the Red Bush Blade or the Falci Bush blade wuold be a good choice.


Choosing Kit 1 or Kit 2

Kit 1 has a plastic whetstone holder

Kit 2 has a copper whetstone holder